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The objectives of the IT Vendor Empanelment are:

a. To enhance efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in procurement decisions by various Government organization in the state of Sikkim.

b. To enable Government departments and agencies to entrust works relating to design, development and implementation of e-Governance projects on an outcome basis, balancing cost-effectiveness and transparency.

Who Should Register?

The Vendors/firms dealing in any one or combination of the following services are required to empanel with the Department of Information technology, Government of Sikkim.

Software and IT Services

The Vendors/firms dealing in development, maintenance & enhancement of websites/portals or existing software projects etc.

Hardware, Networking and Other IT Products

The Vendors/firms dealing in supply of hardware/IT Products such as Laptop,Desktop, Printer, Server,Storage, Network Equipments etc.


The Vendors/firms dealing in supply/use of Operating Systems, RDBMS, Application Integration Software etc.

Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS)

A COTS product is a software product designed to deliver specific standard functionality. A COTS product does not require custom development before deployment. The Vendors/firms dealing in supply of GOTS, ERP Products, GIS products and tools.

Mobile Apps

M-Governance aims to provide Government services to the people through mobile phones and tablets. Mobile apps are fast for adoption, easy to learn and operate and convenient to the users. The Vendors/firms dealing in development of Native Apps, Web Apps, Hybrid Apps

Training Institutes

The Institutes dealing imparting of training in any programming languages, multimedia tools, software/hardware diploma courses,networking courses etc.

Empanelment is subject to physical inspection of training institute premises by the officers of Department of Information Technology.

Cyber Cafes

Cyber Cafes that allow customers to use the computers provided for accessing the internet, playing games, chatting with friends or doing other computer-related tasks and access to the computer and internet is charged based on time.


IT Vendor empanelment is open to all firms within Sikkim, who are eligible to do business in Sikkim under relevant laws.Vendors marked/considered by DIT to be ineligible to participate for non-satisfactory past performance, corrupt, fraudulent or any other unethical business practices shall not be eligible.Breach of general or specific instructions forbidding, general and special conditions of contract with DIT or any of its user organizations may make a firm ineligible to participate in the process.


1. The said registration qualifies a particular vendor for consideration for issue of tender notification in case of Limited Tenders for relevant category only for which vendor is registered/empanelled. However, this will not give any claim to the party for award of work / purchase order.

2. DIT reserves the right to accept, consider or reject any or all applications without assigning any reasons thereof. The decision of DIT in respect of registration of parties for various categories of work / items shall be final & binding on all concerned registered firms / vendors in the panel of DIT.

3. Vendors once empanelled, shall have to promptly reply to all the enquiries, execute orders as per the order terms of DITand keep the DIT informed of new products/ developments / innovative ideas that shall help reduce the cost and improve quality, reliability, etc.

4. In case, if empanelled vendor is found in breach of any terms & condition(s) of DITor supply/work order, at any stage during the course of supply / installation or warranty period, the legal action as per rules/laws, shall be initiated against the vendor and Security Deposits shall be forfeited by DIT, besides debarring and blacklisting the vendor concerned for at least three years for further dealings with DIT.

5. The vendor should not assign or sublet the empanelment or any part or it to any other vendor in any form. Failure to do so shall result in termination of empanelment.

6. All registered firms are expected to maintain absolute integrity, follow a decent standard of business ethics and do nothing unbecoming of a registered supplier. In all future correspondence with DIT, empanelled vendors are required to quote the Registration No.

7. DIThas all the rights reserved to add / delete / alter any of the items and to amend / add any of the terms and conditions included in the registration granted to firms with effect from any date, without assigning any reason(s) for the same.

8. The empanelled vendor shall indemnify the DIT and user departments against all third party claims of infringement of patent, trademark/copyright or industrial design rights arising from the use of the supplied items and related services or any part thereof. DIT/ User department stand indemnified from any claims that the vendor’s manpower may opt to have towards the discharge of their duties in the fulfillment of the purchase orders.

9. The period of empanelment shall be for one(1) year, after which the vendor/firm are required to renew their empanelment. Non renewal of empanelment within one (1) month from the date of expiry of empanelment contract shall be deemed to be considered as “failure to renew” and the empanelment will be cancelled thereof